Numerology Outlook for July 2017


Prana :: the subtle spark of our life force energy that is carried on the breath and is our living connection to the Infinite.
“Every beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul. The voice of your soul is your breath.” -Yogi Bhajan

July marks a clear transition between the first and second half of 2017- a bridging of the finite, limiting energies of this year with the more infinite, limitless energies. A breath of fresh air both literally and figuratively!

There is a palpable vibration available now- taking us from initiation and intention to physical manifestation and evolution in our plans this month. July brings in the universal vibration of 17/8. 17 in Yogic Numerology is a significant number before it is reduced to 8. Its about Spiritual and Financial Good Fortune and also happens to be the Gift aspect of the year 2017. 17 is about getting the right things at precisely the right time. Sometimes this can mean a healing crisis and if this were to come up this month its only so that whatever is causing dis-ease in our mind, body, and/or awareness can be revealed, accessed, and finally worked out and healed. Dis-ease is not necessarily a “disease” (in terms of a physical ailment); Dis-ease is the interruption of any natural state of ease and this can manifest itself in many ways. Grief is a good example.

8 as part of that 17 energy is about power, authority, fearlessness, the achievement of goals, money/finances, abundance, and vitality. The source of our vitality lies in our prana/breath and it is through this breath, this charge, that we can access and connect to our soul. If we don’t have vitality we don’t have the energy to face life’s challenges with honor, purity, and worthiness. What makes us worthy? Our worth is not what others value in us- our worth is the bank account of our spirit and our truth and this lies in our prana. When our prana is depleted, when we are shallow (unconsciously) breathing we tend to navigate through life with fear- fear of stepping into our truth, fear of what others will think; fear of what others will say; fear of how we will be perceived; fear of the unknown- sacrificing the essence of who we truly are (infinite beings of light) and making us feel powerless because we’re not “connected” to ourselves.

In addition to the universal energy 17/8, because July is the 7th month of the year we have the energy of 7 to help us navigate and transform any challenges into assets. 7 is the number of nature, music, trust, and the voice. We might find ourselves having to speak up for what we know to be true and just; using our voice to communicate what needs to be said in order to elevate ourselves and in turn elevate others. Retreating will be essential to balance the energies this month and mantra will serve to be especially powerful as well.


Yogi Bhajan spoke tirelessly about Keeping Up – “Keep up and you will be kept up”- a powerful mantra in and of itself and completely appropriate for the vibration of this month. This is about keeping up for yourself, inspite of your self; keeping up for others; keeping up even when you can’t keep up. This is the gateway to our courage.  …. “Keeping up is the pure gold of human behavior. Gold is universally valued for its beautiful reflective quality, its workability and its permanence. When you keep up you reflect the enduring yet brilliantly creative nature of the Infinite. You must be flexible to keep up, as things always change throughout time and space. Yet your commitment is unwavering no matter what happens. When you can allow your small needs to bow to the radiance of this golden spiritual rule, the outcome is always a glorious reflection of the Divine.”

My prayer is that you recognize how infinite you are, how spectacular your imperfections are, and that keeping up is no longer a luxury- it is a requirement. Keep up so that you can be in rhythm with your life; everything that is rhythmic is happy.

May you be blessed. Sat Nam.

Chant or listen to the Mantra Pavan Guru, to Elevate the 8th (Pranic) Body.


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