Numerology Outlook for February 2017

“Negative Mind is the first mind; it gives you life, the right to life. It tells you where the danger is, therefore it has to act first. God gave you the negative mind just to see through where you can be damaged. God didn’t give you the negative mind to become negative.”- Yogi Bhajan
This month brings forward the vibration of the Number 2. 2 is about Balance, Harmony, Relationships, Cooperation, Boundaries, and the  2nd of the 10 Bodies which is the Negative Mind. The Negative Mind actually has nothing to do with ‘negativity’, but rather, is the beginning of the thought process that is responsible for assessing the risks in any given situation. In order to make the most of our 2nd Body we must LISTEN. Listening and Obedience are important themes for February and both will be connected to our inner knowing in a big, big way.
When your 2nd body/Negative Mind is working well you take the time to “listen”. This has to begin with you- what’s your intuition telling you? Then it has to trickle into your relationships. In order to authentically connect with others, and meet them where they can hear you, you must develop the capacity to listen. Time and information download seems to be moving faster and faster these days so its not uncommon to listen and immediately be distracted by floating thoughts, notifications, to do lists, and what we plan on saying next in a conversation. We are all guilty of this, myself included. With no tech slow down in sight I believe the best way to build the capacity to listen is in bringing awareness to it. In the act of listening we are able to take in the information we are given and pause before our mind moves into the next gear, the Positive Mind (more on that next month). When we don’t exercise our ability to listen we can easily be misled or not understand fully the risks in something because we didn’t take the time to gather all the necessary information.
Another really important part of listening has to do with boundaries. Developing personal boundaries will be necessary this month in order to navigate through the energy of this year which is about the SELF. 2’s motto is “longing to belong” and all the energy that comes with connectedness. Sometimes the desire to please in order to feel connected and included can make us feel taken advantage of because we said Yes when we really meant to say No; again, bringing awareness and authenticity to your communication is key. Say what you mean, and mean what you say- this is the Obedience aspect of the #2; obeying your intuition and truth. When you listen and obey your inner knowing you will not be easily swayed or influenced by other people’s opinions and realities.
Diplomacy and Balance are two key components this month as well. When our Negative Mind is off balance it can lead us to get stuck in the duality, chaos, and conflict of life. This can lead to carelessness and poor decisions, and since DECISIONS will be at the forefront of all this underlying energy, it will be really important to tap into that inner voice to know what is what; what’s ours and what’s not, and eliminate what is no longer appropriate or right in our lives so that we may build a foundation for the future in ways that will allow us to feel protected and supported.
This cycle is about leaving behind the past and moving forward with a new perspective on who you are TODAY and how that fits into the landscape regarding other people. One step at a time this month- with cooperation, balance, and peace.
“You don’t have to control the whole world, you don’t have to rule the universe, you don’t have to show people you are rich or you are poor, you are great or small. All you have to show is to yourself. You have to win yourself, you have to conquer yourself, and you have to live yourself.”
Yogi Bhajan 10/6/1996
Sat Nam.
Chant or listen to the Mantra ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO, GURU DEV NAMO, GURU DEVA to elevate the 2nd Body (Negative Mind) 
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